Love Pattern Foiling Elastic band

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Introducing our newly Elastic Band Love Pattern Foiling! Our exquisite elastic bands are designed with a captivating love pattern foil printed -available in two lengths, 25mm and 40mm, our elastic bands offer versatility for various uses.

The 25mm length is perfect for delicate projects, such as crafting intricate bra straps, lingerie accents, headbands, and more. Its narrower width provides flexibility and comfort, making it an ideal choice for intimate wear and stylish accessories.

On the other hand, the 40mm length provides ample support, making it suitable for creating sturdy waistbands, skirt bands, bag handles, and other larger-scale projects. Its broader width ensures durability and stability, perfect for securing heavier items with ease.

Highlighting our unique love foil printing technique, our elastic bands feature shimmering gold foil on black  for a luxurious look. This meticulous process adds a touch of glamour to each band, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and making it a standout addition to any project. Alternatively, we offer a striking white foil on black option, adding contrast and sophistication to your creations.

Sizes & Length : 40mm in  2 yards pack

                             25mm in 3 yards pack

*Please note* while we have done our best to represent the color accurately, colors may render on a computer screen differently than they do on ribbon.

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