Elastic Lurex Strap Band 40 mm

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Introducing our Elastic Lurex Strap Band, a practical and shimmering accessory for a variety of crafting and sewing projects. Measuring 40mm wide and 2 yards long, this versatile strap band is designed to add sparkle and stretch to a range of items, including waistbands, skirt bands, costumes, and more. The Lurex material provides a metallic look and feel, adding a touch of glamour to your designs. The strap band's elasticity makes it ideal for creating comfortable and snug-fitting items, ensuring practicality alongside style.

Explore the versatility of our Elastic Lurex Strap Band as it seamlessly adapts to different uses. Whether you're crafting headbands, bags, or other accessories, this strap band is a reliable choice. Elevate your projects with ease using this practical and shimmering accessory that combines functionality with a touch of shimmer.

Length: 2 yards

Width: 40 mm 

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