Elastic Strap (sangle élastique) / 5 Yards Pack, Bra Elastic Strap 10mm

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Introducing our unparalleled collection of Elastic Straps (Sangle Élastique) – where form meets function in a spectrum of refined hues. . Our Elastic Bra Straps come in an extensive range of colors, allowing you to coordinate or contrast with your favorite bras. From subtle neutrals to playful tones, find the perfect hue to suit your mood and style. Elastic straps are designed to provide secure and adjustable fastening solutions. The stretchable nature of these straps ensures a secure fit, adapting seamlessly to your movements throughout the day. Whether you prefer a classic look or want to add a pop of color to your lingerie ensemble, these straps provide the perfect finishing touch.

Wide: 10mm ( 3/8" )

Length : 5 yards pack

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