Lingerie Elastic Strap / Picot & Scallop Edging

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Introducing our exquisite Lingerie Elastic Strap featuring delicate Picot and Scallop Edging, a perfect fusion of comfort and elegance for your intimate wear collection. Lingerie elastic picot edging refers to a decorative trim used to finish the edges of lingerie garments. It is typically made from an elastic material that has a decorative picot pattern along one or both edges. The picot pattern consists of small loops or scallops that add a feminine and delicate touch to the garment. This type of edging is commonly used on lingerie items such as bras, panties, and nightwear to provide a comfortable and attractive finish.

Composition : 70% Nylon , 30% Nylon-covered Elastane

Width : 10mm

Length : 5 Yards Pack


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