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100% Cotton Loom Line Boutique Fabric - 148

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Introducing our 100% Cotton Loom Line  Boutique  Fabric , adorned with a breathtaking Reactive Print featuring the enchanting Boutique print, adorned with a delightful assortment of carnation and petunia flowers. Our advanced Reactive Print technology ensures vivid colors and intricate detailing, creating a stunning visual impact that lasts.

Whether you're envisioning flowing dresses that evoke the grace of blooming carnations and petunias, tailored blouses that showcase the intricate details of the print, or chic skirts that capture the essence of natural beauty, this fabric offers endless possibilities for creativity.

The Boutique print features a harmonious medley of carnation and petunia flowers, each petal and stem rendered with remarkable clarity and depth. 

Composition: 100% cotton
Weight approx.: 175g/m
Width: 146cm

Fabric is sold by half yard and you can select the quantity you want at the drop down menu. For example if you want 1 yard, please choose quantity as 2.

When you choose 0.5 yard per unit:
Qty 1 = 0.5 Yard
Qty 2 = 1 yard
Qty 3 = 1.5 Yards
Qty 4 = 2 Yards
... and so on

*Please note* while we have done our best to represent the color accurately, colors may render on a computer screen differently than they do on fabric.

*When you buy several fabric quantities, you will always receive the material in one piece, continuous without cut.

Bulk orders are welcome Contact us for prices and more details ..

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