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White Bridal Tulle Handwork Embroidery Fabric -GK-6606/22

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Embrace the epitome of bridal elegance with our White Bridal Tulle Handwork Embroidery Fabric. This exquisite material has been carefully adorned with hand-embroidered patterns, reminiscent of delicate vines undulating across a serene landscape. The embroidery showcases a symphony of wavy, vine-like patterns, each sequin strategically placed to catch the light and cast a subtle, enchanting glow. TThe base of the fabric is a pristine white tulle, ethereal and light, ensuring that it drapes gracefully.

Designed to captivate and inspire, It is ideal for crafting bespoke bridal gowns that float with every step, providing an air of grace and grandeur to the wearer. The fabric can also be utilized to create enchanting bridesmaid dresses, adding a touch of glamour to the bridal party.

Furthermore, its beauty extends to occasion wear, such as evening gowns and prom dresses, allowing the wearer to shimmer with every movement. For those who seek a creative touch, this fabric can be fashioned into decorative overlays on skirts, bodices, or as exquisite detailing on sleeves and trains.

Composition: 100 % Nylon
Width: 130 cm

Fabric is sold by half yard and you can select the quantity you want at the drop down menu. For example if you want 1 yard, please choose quantity as 2.

When you choose 0.5 yard per unit:
Qty 1 = 0.5 Yard
Qty 2 = 1 yard
Qty 3 = 1.5 Yards
Qty 4 = 2 Yards
... and so on

*Please note* while we have done our best to represent the color accurately, colors may render on a computer screen differently than they do on fabric.

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