2.6mm Faux Suede String Cord , 15 Yards Pack

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Introducing our 2.6mm Faux Suede String Cord – the ultimate crafting essential for all your creative endeavors.  Soft and supple, our faux suede string cord mimics the luxurious feel of genuine suede while offering the durability and affordability of a synthetic construction. Available in an array of colors, from earthy neutrals to vibrant hues, you're sure to find the perfect shade to complement your vision.

With its ideal thickness, this cord is perfect for making a statement in your jewelry creations, whether it's chunky bracelets, elegant chokers, or intricate earrings. But the versatility doesn't stop there – it's equally suitable for macrame, weaving, or any fiber-based craft your imagination conjures. Not limited to crafting, our faux suede string cord is also perfect for upholstery projects, adding a touch of sophistication and comfort to furniture pieces, pillows, or home decor items.

Width : 2.6mm

Size : 15 Yards Pack

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